Watching the rugby world cup 2015 on NBC online

rugby world cup on nbcThe Rugby World Cup will start on September 18th in 2015, and in the United States it will be Universal Sports and NBC who will broadcast from the world cup. These channels are great channels, and they are also related, as NBC own 8% of Universal Sports.

However, if you want to watch these channels online you will need to have a valid cable subscription including the channels, because that is when you will be able to watch the broadcasts online. And, that in itself is not enough, because you will also need to get yourself an American IP address, but luckily that can be fixed easily with a subscription to PureVPN, a brilliant VPN provider.
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To get that American IP address click the button above and sign up for PureVPN and their services. Then you need to download their VPN client and connect to a server in the USA, or you can setup SmartDNS for PureVPN. With either of these moves made you will get yourself an American IP address and you are ready to watch NBC online (meaning not only from the rugby world cup, but also brilliant TV series such as the Blacklist, AD: The Bible and many more.

Exactly how this will work with Universal Sports I do not know yet, so maybe they will launch a special option for which you pay some money, and then you will get the rights to watch all the rugby world cup content online (without a cable subscription in the United States). Let us hope the latter will take place, because then it will be much easier to watch.

But, let me also give you one small piece of advices, because there is another option for watching the rugby world cup online, and that is to watch the action on ITV in the United Kingdom. Then you will need a UK IP address and after that nothing else is needed that to register for free to ITV online and start watching. Read more about how to watch the World Cup online on ITV in the UK on

If you click the link above you will also come to a site which has the full schedule for the rugby world cup, interesting polls and other useful information, so a very interesting rugby related site.

Enjoy watching the rugby world cup online!