Watch The Wall on NBC from abroad

The Wall is yet another quiz show on television. I just watched my first episode ever on the NBC website. Would you like to watch The Wall on NBC as well? Even from abroad?

Watching The Wall on NBC
Watching The Wall on NBC

In The Wall, you will meet two persons who do everything in their power to win as much money as possible. To win lots of money both luck and knowledge is needed. With every question, balls are dropped from the wall, and if they answer correctly, they win as much value as the boxes present into which the balls fall.

The Wall might not be a test-your-skills-show like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but it is more of a cool program in which modern people can test their “modern” skills, just like in another NBC program, Beat Shazam.

Do you want to watch The Wall on NBC?

If you want to watch The Wall on NBC, then all the episodes are available on the NBC website after airing. You can easily stream them; the only requirement is that you are located in the United States. This might be a challenge if you are living somewhere, else, but luckily it is easy to watch NBC from abroad, even if you live in Europe or elsewhere.

The Wall has had a short summer holiday, but from August 10th new episodes will be aired on NBC again. Are you eager to watch them online? Follow the instructions above to get started.

If you live in the United States, all you need to do is to visit The Wall on NBC, and you can stream them right away.

How do you like The Wall?

After watching one episode I must admit that it is a cool program, but it has not turned into a new favorite of mine. They play about lots of money, and that is cool, but that is probably the only thing that made me stay in front of my screen.

Have you seen The Wall? Are you a big fan of the TV show?



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