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Have you watched an episode of The Player and now you want to watch more? Would you like to watch The Player online and wonder how it can be done? Well, the answer is right here and it is really easy. Why not watch The Player online on

At the NBC website you can watch all the latest The Player episodes online just a few hours after it has been aired on TV in the United States. There are though some things that might cause problems for you, and the most important is that watching The Player on the NBC website is only available within the United States. In other words, if you are located outside the United States you will not be able to watch The Player online on the NBC website. Or, maybe there is a way to fix this?

Yes, there is a way to watch NBC online from outside the US, and if you press the link you will visit the front page of this site on which I tell you how you can easily watch The Player, The Blacklist, The Blindspot and other NBC TV series online on the NBC website from overseas and other continents.

Watch The Player online
Watch The Player online

What is The Player about?

The Player is a TV series created by John Rogers and John Fox. Everything in The Player happens and takes place in Las Vegas and the story is very interesting! An organization led by Wesley Snipes has the ability to predict the future and future crimes. So, they can predict crimes, but to make this interesting they have a so called player to whom they give data about upcoming crimes and the task of The Player is to stop the crime from taking place. And, while this all takes place people place money on whether they believe The Player will be able to stop the crime or not. So, this is all about gambling, but for The Player, better known as Alex Kane, this is about so much more… after all his ex-wife was killed in the first episode and he wants revenge, something he hopes to get throughout his hunt out there for criminals.

He gets help from Cassandra King, the dealer in the gambles, who also provides information about the upcoming crimes and other information needed by Alex Kane to be able to stop the crimes.

Time is short so you will get a lot of action throughout your TV screen or monitor as you follow Alex Kane trying to stop the criminal masterminds, and I believe that you will have a good time in front of the screen watching The Player online.

So, read the following article on how to watch NBC from abroad. If you read this far into the future and want to watch everything from episode one (since not all episodes are available on the NBC website), then you can also watch The Player on or on Hulu.

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