Timeless getting better and better!

timeless-on-nbc-my-thoughtsI remember watching the first episode of Timeless that I liked it, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. Now I just finished watching the fourth episode of Timeless, and I think I just got convinced. This is a TV series for the future and a TV series that I want to watch!

After watching the first four episodes I must admit that the story is what I enjoy the most. Based on the first four episodes we still do not know which people to actually cheer for. What is Rittenhouse? Are they the main enemy? What about Flynn? They are chasing him still and have done so for four episodes, but is he really the true enemy? What’s up with Lucy’s sister who disappeared due to history changes in the first episode. Will there be similar changes to that coming up in the future?

The story is great and I look really forward to see where Timeless will take us in the future. It is of course interesting to jump back in history, and the fact that they met Ian Fleming in the fourth episode was a great idea. Here they get to chat with the creator of James Bond. And yes, it happened again… because of Timeless I had to do a quick Wikipedia on Ian Fleming to find out more about whether or not this could have actually happened as we saw it in Timeless. Personally I do not care if some info ain’t correct, but the fact that Timeless makes me want to check up historical facts is a brilliant side-effect to the TV series.

Watch Timeless on NBC

You can of course watch Timeless online on NBC, also from abroad. I do however prefer to watch Timeless on Hulu, because as I have a commercial free subscription there I do not have to watch those ads at all. I can easily watch Hulu on my Chromecast or watch Hulu on my Apple TV, making it very convenient to watch.

What device do you prefer to watch Timeless on? Will you keep on watching Timeless in the future, or have you had enough and will you instead look for another TV series to watch?

Can Timeless become the new The Player?

Last year The Player was a brand new NBC series that only lived for nine episodes. I did watch that TV series as well, but I didn’t get addicted to the story at all. Based on the numbers I have seen related to Timeless I have no reason to believe that it will be taken of the screen in the near future. Instead it seems to have a good group of fans already and thus the amount of viewers seems to be a steady amount that continuously watch the new episodes as they are aired.

It was also made official earlier that NBC ordered three additional Timeless episodes, making sure that the first season will consist of 16 episodes in total. If the TV series was a failure this would never have happened, but it looks as if NBC is satisfied with the amount of viewers and popularity, and thus we can expect more seasons of Timeless to come in the future.

Can The Good Place become the new The Player?

One show that might become the new The Player (meaning that the original episodes will be broadcasted, but no new episodes will be made) is The Good Place. The pilot episode was seen by about 8 million viewers on NBC, then it dropped to 5,25 million viewers on the second episode, and since then it has been decreasing continuously.  Now Timeless has also had a constant decrease in amount of viewers since the first episode, but the drop hasn’t been as big as with The Good Place. Who knows? What do you think? Will NBC say goodbye to The Good Place, or will The Good Place be awarded with new episodes as well?

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