Time for a The Blacklist break

Last Thursday the last The Blacklist episode was broadcasted for a while, and the next episode will air in the star of April. In other words big The Blacklist fans worldwide will have to take a one month break before new episodes are aired.

The Blacklist break
Did you see Mr Monk on The Blacklist?

Maybe you thought I was fed up with The Blacklist and that I felt as if it is time for a The Blacklist break, but that is not correct. This is a The Blacklist break forced upon me, but luckily NBC is giving some other goodies while waiting for The Blacklist, because yesterday Blindspot returned to NBC again, so while waiting for The Blacklist to return we can at least have fun watching new episodes of Blindspot.

If you want to catch up on older Blindspot episodes, watch the newest episodes or maybe catch up on earlier The Blacklist episodes, then you can do all this and much more at the NBC website. If you are located in Europe, find out more about watching NBC overseas in the following article. You can also watch The Blacklist on Amazon.com if you prefer that way to watching it on the NBC website.

Enjoy watching your favorite NBC shows and if you have comments or questions, just write them down right here.

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