The Blacklist season 3 running

Raymond Reddington and The BlacklsitThe third season of The Blacklist is already running and the first two episodes have been aired on NBC and can now be seen on the NBC website online if you want to. I have just watched the first two episodes and look forward to the third episode already.

As you might know the second season of The Blacklist ended with Elizabeth Keen escaping and the third season starts with her been hunted as a fugitive together with Raymond Reddington. In the first two episodes of The Blacklist in the third season you should be warned that it is very little about the actual blacklist and the persons on it, meaning that you will not see the traditional episode in which Reddington gives intel on someone and then the FBI traces them down, but the story is much more about the hunt on Liz and Reddington so the actual blacklist is turning into some very vague subject. It will be interesting how this will develop throughout the season, but somewhere I hope that matters will get back to normal within shortly so that they again can work on catching people from the blacklist, but time will show.

Do you want to watch The Blacklist as well? Read more about watching The Blacklist on the NBC website online, and specially read the article if you are located outside the USA because that is when you will need the advises and help given in that article!

If you want to watch The Blacklist online, and not just the newest episode, but also season 1 and season 2, then you can do so online on! Read more about watching The Blacklist on in the linked article.

Enjoy watching and hope you are looking as much forward to the next episodes as I am!

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