I really like The Good Place

Last week NBC premiered with The Good Place and a double episode. After watching the first two episodes of The Good Place I was still not 100% sure.

On Monday September 26th the third episode of The Good Place was aired on NBC. I quickly headed over to Hulu to watch it there (since I have a Hulu subscription and watching it there is more convenient than watching it on NBC). After watching the third episode I did not hesitate anymore. The Good Place is a cool comedy TV series that I truly like, and now I look forward to the upcoming episodes of this NBC series.

What is so funny about The Good Place?

the-good-place-on-nbcAfter the three first episodes I must admit that I have had some great laughs. But, you might wonder what I like so much about The Good Place? Well, the characters are truly worth liking. Kristen Bell plays the main role as the lady who ended up in The Good Place (should be compared to heaven) by a mistake. Now she is trying to create a clean outside so that she will not be degraded to the Bad Place instead. Her soul mate is an expert in morale and he does his uttermost to help Kristen Bell, but that ain’t easy.

The designer of “The Good Place” is played by Ted Danson, and I really like his role as this fairly stupid creator, who believes the best about everyone and tries to help everyone.

Maybe the most important character in the show together with Ted Danson and Kristen Bell is Jameela Jamil. She is the neighbor of Kristen Bell who looks gorgeous, seems to be perfect and who has a beautiful British accent. So far she seems to have a quite bad effect on Kristen Bell, but maybe they will become best friends in the future?

I believe the creators have done a great job with The Good Place. I hope the viewers will keep watching, making sure that the TV series will remain alive and going strong with high quality for years.

You can watch The Good Place on NBC online or you can watch it on Hulu. Have you watched The Good Place? Did you like it as much as I did?

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