No more Timeless on NBC

I wasn’t very surprised as I recently found out that Timeless has not been renewed for a new season by NBC. I was a fan in the start, but my interest faded with every single episode, and thus I never managed to finish season 1.

If most other viewers did like me, then I can completely understand why NBC decided to cancel further production of Timeless. Even though I really enjoyed the concept, and kind of liked the story, but still it did not manage to catch my interest completely. And there was something about the story of everything that simply made it boring.

For that reason there will be no more Timeless on NBC. If you did miss out on the first and only season of Timeless, then you can now also watch it on Netflix. You can read more about how to stream Timeless on Netflix at

There are however some other NBC productions that will continue for a new season. Taken was a new TV series that has been renewed for a second season, the same is true for The Good Place and for This Is Us. The latter actually turned so popular that NBC decided to renew it for two more season at once.

Coming up during the autumn of 2017 will be quite a lot of new TV series as well. I will try to write an article on that subject within shortly. More information on streaming NBC online outside the USA can be found here at

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