New on NBC – This Is Us

I have already written about Timeless and The Good Place, but the third new series coming to NBC this autumn is This Is Us. And that might be the series hardest to describe based on the trailer.

The Good Place is simple to describe… an easy to watch comedy about a lady coming to some sort of heaven, created for those who have done good in life. There is only one problem, she has been mistaken for someone else.

This is us on NBC

Timeless is about some people traveling back in time to make sure that a bad guy who also traveled back in time does not change the past.

This Is Us is much harder to describe, because it is hard to say what kind of TV series we are speaking about. Based on the trailer it feels like a sort of a drama and it looks quite serious. It shows us the lives of a couple of people who do not really seem to be related, and tells us their stories and what their struggles are at the moment. One person is fighting obesity, another couple is having problems during birth and loosing a baby, while a third guy is looking up his dad who left him just after birth. How This Is Us will evolve remains a secret, but it might turn into something interesting, even though the trailer looks like a TV series that is much harder to digest than Timeless and The Good Place.

What do you think about This Is Us? Does it look interesting to you? You still have a couple of months to prepare for this TV series so if you wonder what to do this summer while waiting for This Is Us and new episodes the The Blacklist, Blindspot and more, then why not get into European football and watch Euro 2016 online in the USA? It can easily be done, just press the link and watch Christiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, James Vardy, Thomas Mueller and all the other stars in Europe play. The event will start on June 10th and last all the way till July 10th! Have fun!

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