Looking forward to the new year with NBC

It is December 14th, but I am already looking forward to the new year? Do you know why? I am waiting for Blindspot to continue!

The last episode of Blindspot in 2016 was an amazing episode. I dare say it was the best Blindspot episode ever, and I was stuck to the screen from start till end. I watched it on Hulu, which is ideal since I have a commercial free Hulu subscription, but if you would rather watch it online on NBC (from abroad), then you can read more about how it is done right here.

Blindspot on NBC

What was so amazing about the last Blindspot episode?

In a way everything happened in the last episode of Blindspot. We got to know more about the real identity of the people at FBI, and we got to know more about Sandstorm. There were things happening everywhere, and lots of action took place that will impact the future of the TV series. I will of course not spoil any action for those who haven’t watched the last Blindspot episode yet, but if you haven’t, hurry up! It might be a perfect Christmas activity, and if you haven’t watched any Blindspot episode at all, buy yourself season 1 as a Christmas present and catch up on season 2 as well and you will have your Christmas program ready.

You should of course watch some nice Christmas movie as well, but watching Blindspot might be just as fun!

There are lots of other great TV series on NBC available as well, and if you want to watch something with purpose and a message, then This Is Us is the new super show from NBC. This has gotten extremely popular and it is compared to Parenthood by lots of commentators. So far only 8-9 episodes has aired, so it shouldn’t be to hard to catch up on This Is Us if you haven’t started watching it yet!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and even though I look forward to the new Blindspot episodes in January, I will of course enjoy Christmas to the max. There will be presents, sweets, family and celebrating Christmas, so I do not want to rush through it, but enjoy it a lot, and then suddenly January will be here with new Blindspot episodes all of a sudden!

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