The Good Place – coming to NBC

NBC has just released the names of their new shows that will come this autumn. The Good Place is one of them and it seems like a cozy comedy for those who want something light to watch.

Every year NBC start broadcasting new TV series. Some of them become a big success and will be aired on and on for years after its kick-off, while other TV series are taken of after one season or even quicker if the viewers do not give it support. Last year Blindspot was an example of a TV series launched on NBC that became an immediate success and we can expect it to go on for years. An example of a TV series that did not become a success was The Player which we only got to see for nine episodes and then it suddenly ended due to lack of viewers. What can we expect from The Good Place?

The Good Place is a TV series created by Michael Schur, the guy behind TV series such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation. The main role is played by Kristen Bell whom some of us might now as Veroncia Mars.  She seems to be perfect for the role, but the question is whether the story of The Good Place is entertaining enough.

The Good Place tells us the story of a girl, played by Kristen Bell, that just died and ended up in The Good Place. This is a place where everything is nice, everyone are nice and things simply seem to be perfect. There is only one problem… she ended up her because of nice deeds she never did. There has been a mistake somewhere. What will happen now?

The Good Place

It looks entertaining, and I will for sure give it a try and watch an episode or two when The Good Place will be made available on the NBC website this autumn. Since I am in Europe I will follow these descriptions to be able to watch The Good Place on NBC from abroad.

What kind of expectations do you have to The Good Place?

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