Can I watch Parenthood online on the NBC website?

One of the most popular NBC series throughout history is Parenthood. It is quite similar to This Is Us, but it was taken of air back in 2015. Would you like to watch Parenthood online now? Would you like to watch Parenthood at the NBC website?

I can very well understand why you would like to watch Parenthood on the NBC website. It is an amazing TV series consisting of 6 seasons and a total of more than 100 episodes. It tells the story of different parents and all their struggles in their personal lives and of course with their difficulties when it comes to the topic of parenthood.

If you have noticed it, then you can only watch actual and current TV series at the NBC website. But, you can not watch as much as you want from these TV series as well, but only the newest and freshest episode. You can in other words not watch all Blindspot episodes from season 1 and season 2 (so far) on the NBC website, but only the latest 4 or 5 episodes. If you could watch Parenthood at the NBC website, then you could only have watched the latest episodes, but since it ended two years ago, you can not watch Parenthood at all at the NBC website.

Watch Parenthood on NEtflix
You can not watch Parenthood on NBC, but you can watch it on Netflix

Where should I watch Parenthood then?

If you are located in the United States it is very easy, at least if you have a Netflix subscription. You can not stream Parenthood on Hulu, but with a Netflix subscription in the USA you will at once get access to all six seasons of Parenthood. That means that you have more than 74 hours of Parenthood streaming waiting for you. For those located outside the United States, follow the instructions on how to watch US Netflix from abroad to find out how you can stream Parenthood on Netflix, also in Europe, Australia and wherever you might be.

If you have seen Parenthood already, but haven’t seen This Is Us yet, then you better get started. With 13 episodes so far in this season, you can not watch all of them on the NBC website, but you can see 4 or 5 episodes at least. If you want to watch the rest then you could consider doing so on Amazon or at Hulu. At Hulu you will get access to all the episodes in the first season at the moment, and if you have a subscription you do not have to pay anything extra to do so. For those outside the US, follow the instructions on how to watch Hulu from abroad to watch This Is Us on Hulu.

There are so many great TV series broadcasted at NBC, but I must say that This Is Us and Parenthood are among the best in the Drama category. They are brilliant, they have so much to say, and they also encourage, inspire and challenge the viewer, something that can’t be said about Blindspot, The Blacklist and similar NBC series.


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