Almost Human is one of the newest TV series from Fox Network. It takes place in the future where the crime rate has increased with 400% and all cops are escorted by an Android cop.

Almost Human seems to become a great success and there are millions of people watching every single episode in the United States and of course lots of people watching it online. The reason you are reading this article is that you would like to watch Almost Human online, and luckily that can easily be done without using any illegal methods, downloading torrents or so on.

Almost Human on Fox

Watch Almost Human on Fox website

The best and easiest way to watch Almost Human is to visit the Fox website and watch it there.┬áIt is easy and works great, at least if you are located in the United States. At any time you can watch the last four episodes played at their website, but there is one little problem to the story… it is only available if you are located in the United States. They are using a so-called geographical block to make sure that only people in the United States and people at military bases around the world are about to watch the program. In fact, they are checking your IP address, and if they discover that you have an IP address outside the United States of America you will get an error message telling you that you are not able to watch Almost Human from abroad.

Watch Almost Human on Fox from abroad

To watch Almost Human on Fox from abroad you simply need to make a subscription to a VPN service like PureVPN. This is a big provider which offer people all over the world a chance to get an American IP address and once you have such an IP address you will yet again be able to watch Almost Human on the Fox website, even though if your actual location is outside the United States. But, since they provide you with an American IP address you will again be able to watch it. And, you will not only be able to watch programs on Fox Network, but you can use exactly the same strategy to watch for example The Blacklist on NBC from abroad or maybe some program at ITV in the UK.

To get started using this simply visit the PureVPN website (read my PureVpn review here). There you can make a subscription, download their VPN client and then connect to their fastest US server. This is done in a few minutes and then you are ready to watch Almost Human online on the Fox website. Be aware of the fact that you might need to restart your browser for this to work.

Visit the PureVPN website

Here you can see one more screenshot taken by me as I watched the first episode of Almost Human on the Fox website from Europe.

Almost Human online