Can American Ninja Warrior win an Emmy Award?

On July 14th the nominees for the 2016 Emmy Awards were announced. NBC got some nominations, and in the category for the best reality show both The Voice and American Ninja Warrior can be found.

It is quite amazing that American Ninja Warrior was nominated, especially considering the fact that this is a summer program which is running in the period when most networks only show earlier episodes instead of producing great material. The Voice needs no further introduction, but American Ninja Warrior might come as a surprise to many.

American Ninja Warrior and Emmy Awards 2016
Can American Ninja Warrior win an Emmy Award in 2016?

Want to watch American Ninja Warrior online?

If you would like to watch American Ninja Warrior online right away  then there are a couple of ways in which you can get up to date and make up your own opinion about the show. Do you think it deserves to win an Emmy Award in the reality show category? This is how you can watch American Ninja Warrior online.

  • You can watch the latest episodes on the NBC website. This can be done for free and it is very easy. If you are located outside the United States all you need to do is to follow my instructions on watching NBC overseas.
  • You can also watch American Ninja Warrior on Hulu (if I remember correct). For this you will need a Hulu subscription and in addition you will need to follow my instructions on watching Hulu overseas (if you are abroad).

Follow one of those methods and you should be ready to make up your mind. Do you like the show? Does it deserve an Emmy? Please write a comment and let me know what you think!

Want to stream the Emmy Awards on the Internet?

Are you excited about the Emmy Awards and want to watch the Emmy’s online? This is how it can be done!

Are you a NBC fan?

Then you should also cheer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which has been nominated in the Talk-Show category during the Emmy Awards. NBC also received a nomination in the Variety Show category for  Saturday Night Live. You can watch those shows online on the NBC website as well.

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