Blindspot returning tonight! Are you ready for a Sandstorm?

As I watched the last episode of Blindspot before Christmas I remember that it was the best episode ever. I so much liked it, it was action filled and it left lots of unanswered questions. Tonight it is time for the story to go on!

Blindspot on NBC

Wednesdays are the Blindspot nights for many, and after the last episode we have all been waiting for the story to go on tonight. Last year we had to wait till the end of February for the story to go on, but since they already knew that it is a success series new episodes were made ready for the start of January already this year. So, tonight it is time for the story to go on and the question is what will happen with all the characters we know and love. What will happen to Patterson? What will happen to Jane and her brother? Will Sandstorm be able to rise from their losses and make an attack on American soil as planned from long time ago?

Get ready to watch Blindspot tonight on NBC to get an answer to these and lots of other questions. And do not forget that you can watch NBC online, also from abroad. If you do have a Hulu subscription then you can also watch the new Blindspot episodes on Hulu, and there you do not even have to suffer from commercials, so to be honest, I normally watch Blindspot on Hulu instead of on NBC. I am not sure which platform you prefer, but the one thing that remains sure is that we all watch Blindspot and look forward to the Blindspot premiere in year 2017.

Happy new year everybody!

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