Blindspot is back

Blindspot is back and yesterday Blindspot aired for the first time in 2016. The first Blindspot aired on February 29th, meaning that we can follow Agent Keller and Jane Doe again!

Blindspot is back
Blindspot has returned to NBC with first 2016 episode aired on February 29th

If you haven’t seen the newest Blindspot episode yet, then you can already now watch it on the NBC website. Normally episodes are added to the NBC website only a few hours after it has been aired on TV, so if you visit you can find it there among the latest episodes. If you are located in Africa, Asia or Europe then you can also watch Blindspot on the NBC website, but you will need to follow the instructions on how to watch NBC in Europe for this to work. You can also watch Blindspot on as Instant Video, but it is much cheaper and better to watch the episodes on NBC, so I would absolutely recommend you to watch Blindspot in that way.

I have not yet seen the newest Blindspot episode, but I guess it is a matter of hours, max days, before I will watch it, after all Blindspot became a favorite TV series of mine as I first watch it the autumn of 2015. The new episodes of Blindspot will probably arrive to NOW TV in not so long and there are lots of fans who will be happy about that.

Have you seen the newest episode which was named Cease Forcing Enemy? Did you like it? Please write a comment and share your thoughts if you have something on your heart!

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