Are you up to date on The Blacklist?

The Blacklist 2015 endLast Thursday the last The Blacklist episode in 2015 was aired on NBC and the next episode will be aired on January 7th in 2016. So the question is therefore if you are up to date on all the episodes that has been shown so far this season in The Blacklist?

The season opened with Raymond Reddington and Liz being on the run, and let me tell you that after the last episode of The Blacklist before Christmas they are still on the run, though thing have changed a bit. I already look forward to the new and upcoming episodes, and I guess you are as well if you have seen all episodes this season so far.

If you still haven’t seen all the episodes then you can either watch them on the NBC website, also from abroad, or you can head over to and watch and buy the rights to watch single episodes or full seasons of The Blacklist there. As you click the link you will also find information on how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos from all across the world, so enjoy watching and get prepared for the new episodes as they will be shown from January 7th in 2016.

What are you going to do now in the Christmas holiday with no more The Blacklist episodes to watch? You can of course go ahead and watch some other TV series from NBC like Blindspot, but if you are up to date on Blindspot as well, then I would recommend that you watch some great Christmas films on Netflix. Why not take a look at this YouTube video presenting great Christmas films currently available on Netflix.

Merry Christmas and have fun watching Blindspot, The Blacklist and also other great TV shows and films. And do not forget that you can watch previous Blacklist seasons on Netflix as well, so that is a good option if you have a Netflix account and have not yet seen the first two episodes of the TV series.

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