Watch The Blindspot online for free

By | October 3, 2015

The Blindspot is the name of a brand new TV series made by NBC. I just watched the first episode and it will for sure not be the last one, because it was really cool and I look very much forward to the upcoming parts!

Watch The Blindspot online for free on NBC

Watch The Blindspot online for free on NBC

The entire story is about a girl who is dropped of in a bag at Times Square in New York. She has lost all her memories due to a drug given to her, but her entire body is filled with tattoos, all giving clues about crimes to take place in and around New York. The girl herself is not just any girl, but if you start watching the first episode you will get a much better insight in this and you will probably wait with great expectations for episode two already from the first second you start watching the first episode of The Blindspot.

In the main roles of the Blindspot you will find the FBI Agent Kurt Weller played by Sullivan Stapleton and the girl waking up with no remembrance of the past is called Jane Doe and her role is played by Jaimie Alexander. Based on the first episode I must say that Jaimie Alexander is playing her role very well and so is Sullivan Stapleton, so this can turn into a very big success story again for NBC, just like The Blacklist and lots of other shows.

Watch The Blindspot online for free

If you want to watch The Blindspot online for free, then you can do so easily on the NBC website. Maybe you have tried that already, but if you have not yet, then visit and press Full Episodes and start watching. If you get a message that it is unavailable because of your current location then follow these instructions.

To watch and the full episodes available online at their website you will need to use a service named Unlocator. It is free to try for one week and no payment or credit card is needed. Visit Unlocator website

Visit their website above, give your email address and you will be able to setup a so called SmartDNS on your computer which will make you able to watch NBC online from Europe and all other continents, but not only NBC, but also CBS, Fox, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and lots of other cable networks and streaming services.

You can read more about Unlocator in this review and if you have comments or questions, just write! And do not forget that you can also watch The Blindspot on Hulu, so if you prefer watching it there then go ahead, but you need to know that Unlocator is needed both for Hulu and for Blindspot if you are located outside the United States.

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