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By | September 16, 2018

Are you in the mood for The Blacklist, Timeless, The Voice, This Is Us and more NBC TV series? Want to watch them on your Apple TV abroad?

You have probably noticed it already that you can not watch and enjoy the NBC app on your Apple TV as you travel outside the USA. The same is true if you try to use the CBS application, the HBO Now application or other streaming applications as well. The reason is simple: You can not watch NBC on Apple TV abroad!

The reason for this is a so-called geographical block or a ban. NBC only wants to broadcast their content to people actually located in the United States and the same is true for CBS, HBO Now and Hulu. So, what can you do if you want to watch NBC on Apple TV abroad? It is really simple!

Watch NBC from abroad on your Apple TV

Watch NBC from abroad on your Apple TV

Watch Hulu, CBS, HBO Now and NBC on Apple TV abroad

To be able to watch Hulu, CBS, HBO Now and NBC on Apple TV abroad you will need to sign up for the services of Unlocator. This is a SmartDNS provider with offices in Denmark. Skip the next part if you do not want to understand what is really happening.

What Unlocator will do for you is to route your online traffic through their proxy server. Whenever you send a request to they will route it towards a proxy server in the USA. As a result, NBC will believe that you are located in the USA and you can freely watch NBC online or on your Apple TV. In the same way, they do when you try to watch CBS, HBO Now and Hulu. And, if you want to watch BBC iPlayer in the UK or ITV they do the same.

If you click the button above you can sign up for Unlocator. It is completely free for seven days and after that, the price is 5 USD a month. Once you have signed up and confirmed the email address you need to setup Unlocator on your Apple TV. That is very easy and can be done like this:

  1. Press “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Network.”
  3. Click on “Configure DNS” and then “Manual”
  4. Enter the following number:
  5. Click on “Done”.
  6. Restart your Apple TV.

You are now ready to watch NBC on Apple TV abroad. It is really easy and you can try it completely for free.

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