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Timeless getting better and better!

I remember watching the first episode of Timeless that I liked it, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. Now I just finished watching the fourth episode of Timeless, and I think I just got convinced. This is a TV series for the future and a TV series that I want to watch! After watching the first four episodes I must admit that the story is what I enjoy the most. Based… Read More »

I really like The Good Place

Last week NBC premiered with The Good Place and a double episode. After watching the first two episodes of The Good Place I was still not 100% sure. On Monday September 26th the third episode of The Good Place was aired on NBC. I quickly headed over to Hulu to watch it there (since I have a Hulu subscription and watching it there is more convenient than watching it on… Read More »

The Good Place – coming to NBC

NBC has just released the names of their new shows that will come this autumn. The Good Place is one of them and it seems like a cozy comedy for those who want something light to watch. Every year NBC start broadcasting new TV series. Some of them become a big success and will be aired on and on for years after its kick-off, while other TV series are taken… Read More »