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The Blacklist: Redemption is now online

The Blacklist: Redemption has been online for a while, and if you haven’t had the time to watch it yet, then you better hurry up before the episodes starts disappearing. The Blacklist: Redemption was announced last summer, and I expected it to arrive sometime soon, but not as quickly as this. That is why I was so surprised when I noticed that The Blacklist: Redemption was available on Hulu. I… Read More »

The Blacklist is taking off

Last weekend, on May 19th, the last episode of The Blacklist in season 3 was aired. But, it was for sure not the end of The Blacklist, because it is just about to start, and it is just about to turn into two! I will not spoil any of the important facts that were revealed in the season finale of The Blacklist, but what we do know is that The… Read More »

Time for a The Blacklist break

Last Thursday the last The Blacklist episode was broadcasted for a while, and the next episode will air in the star of April. In other words big The Blacklist fans worldwide will have to take a one month break before new episodes are aired. Maybe you thought I was fed up with The Blacklist and that I felt as if it is time for a The Blacklist break, but that… Read More »

The Blacklist with a great start in 2016

I just had the chance to watch the first episode of The Blacklist that was shown in 2016 and I must say that the year had a very strong opening. The title of the episode was The Director, so I guess you know who was much in focus in this episode. If you are a fan of The Blacklist then you have probably watched the episode already, but if you… Read More »