The Blacklist season 3 running

The third season of The Blacklist is already running and the first two episodes have been aired on NBC and can now be seen on the NBC website online if you want to. I have just watched the first two episodes and look forward to the third episode already. As you might know the second season of The Blacklist ended with Elizabeth Keen escaping and the third season starts with… Read More »

Watch The Player online

Have you watched an episode of The Player and now you want to watch more? Would you like to watch The Player online and wonder how it can be done? Well, the answer is right here and it is really easy. Why not watch The Player online on At the NBC website you can watch all the latest The Player episodes online just a few hours after it has… Read More »

Watch The Blindspot online for free

The Blindspot is the name of a brand new TV series made by NBC. I just watched the first episode and it will for sure not be the last one, because it was really cool and I look very much forward to the upcoming parts! The entire story is about a girl who is dropped of in a bag at Times Square in New York. She has lost all her… Read More »

Watch Best Time Ever online in Europe

Best Time Ever is the new talk show hosted by Barney Stinson, better known as Neil Patrick Harris, or maybe it was Neil Patrick Harris, better known as Barney Stinson from How i Met Your Mother! He is a real hot shot in Hollywood now a day, and that is why he also was so popular as he hosted the Oscar Awards in 2015, making him a much better and… Read More »