Are you up to date on The Blacklist?

Last Thursday the last The Blacklist episode in 2015 was aired on NBC and the next episode will be aired on January 7th in 2016. So the question is therefore if you are up to date on all the episodes that has been shown so far this season in The Blacklist? The season opened with Raymond Reddington and Liz being on the run, and let me tell you that after… Read More »

Trouble watching NBC with SmartDNS

I am not sure if this is a common problem for everyone who want to watch NBC with a SmartDNS provider, but I have recently had some trouble watching NBC using UnoTelly. The problem is simply that the TV shows will not start, and because of that I will simply have to use a VPN connection instead. For me that means using PureVPN which you can read more about how… Read More »

Watch full Undatable episodes online

Do you want to watch the  lateast episodes of the crazy comedy Undatable online? Did you know that you can actually watch such episodes online on the NBC website for free? Yes, you heard that right, you can watch them for free online. On the NBC website you can in fact watch the latest episodes of almost all their shows for free online, the only requirement is that you are… Read More »

How to download the NBC Android app?

I want to download the NBC application for Android, but I can not find it in the Google Playstore, or I simply get the message that the application is unavailable at my location. What can I do to download the NBC Android application and to start watching the programs available there? If you want to download the NBC application to your mobile phone or tablet running the Android system you… Read More »