Watch the Summer Olympics on NBC, also abroad

Are you abroad and want to watch the Summer Olympics on NBC? Looking for a place to watch the Summer Olympics online? It is easy! I must admit that I did not even know about this for a long time. During the Winter Olympics it was really hard to watch the live streams from NBC online, but luckily they have made it much easier now during the Summer Olympics. As… Read More »

Can American Ninja Warrior win an Emmy Award?

On July 14th the nominees for the 2016 Emmy Awards were announced. NBC got some nominations, and in the category for the best reality show both The Voice and American Ninja Warrior can be found. It is quite amazing that American Ninja Warrior was nominated, especially considering the fact that this is a summer program which is running in the period when most networks only show earlier episodes instead of… Read More »

Watch America’s Got Talent on NBC online, also in Europe

Would you like to watch the latest episodes of America’s Got Talent online, also in Europe? The 11th season of Britain’s Got Talent is currently running on NBC and you can watch every episode online on the NBC website. As I am writing this article the auditions are still running, but that means that within a few weeks the auditions will come to an end and it will be time… Read More »

New on NBC – This Is Us

I have already written about Timeless and The Good Place, but the third new series coming to NBC this autumn is This Is Us. And that might be the series hardest to describe based on the trailer. The Good Place is simple to describe… an easy to watch comedy about a lady coming to some sort of heaven, created for those who have done good in life. There is only… Read More »