Timeless getting better and better!

I remember watching the first episode of Timeless that I liked it, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. Now I just finished watching the fourth episode of Timeless, and I think I just got convinced. This is a TV series for the future and a TV series that I want to watch! After watching the first four episodes I must admit that the story is what I enjoy the most. Based… Read More »

Timeless has arrived

Timeless had its premiere on NBC on October 3rd, 2016. This was a TV series I looked much forward to. After the pilot episode I am still not sure if this is a TV series for the future. There are a couple of things I really like with Timeless after watching the first episode. Here I will share some of those thoughts with you. If you agree then that is… Read More »

I really like The Good Place

Last week NBC premiered with The Good Place and a double episode. After watching the first two episodes of The Good Place I was still not 100% sure. On Monday September 26th the third episode of The Good Place was aired on NBC. I quickly headed over to Hulu to watch it there (since I have a Hulu subscription and watching it there is more convenient than watching it on… Read More »

Blindspot season 2 premiere on September 14th

Wednesday evenings is Blindspot evenings this fall. As of September 14th we will be served new episodes of this fantastic action series every week on NBC. Blindspot was for sure the biggest success among all the series that premiered on NBC in the autumn of 2015. There were other cool shows premiering as well, like The Player, but none of them could match the success of Blindspot. That is why… Read More »