Watch Best Time Ever online in Europe

Best Time Ever is the new talk show hosted by Barney Stinson, better known as Neil Patrick Harris, or maybe it was Neil Patrick Harris, better known as Barney Stinson from How i Met Your Mother! He is a real hot shot in Hollywood now a day, and that is why he also was so popular as he hosted the Oscar Awards in 2015, making him a much better and… Read More »

Watching the rugby world cup 2015 on NBC online

The Rugby World Cup will start on September 18th in 2015, and in the United States it will be Universal Sports and NBC who will broadcast from the world cup. These channels are great channels, and they are also related, as NBC own 8% of Universal Sports. However, if you want to watch these channels online you will need to have a valid cable subscription including the channels, because that… Read More »

Watch big finales on NBC

Tonight is the night when the winners will be awarded in both Parenthood and the Biggest Looser. You will of course be able to watch the programs online on the NBC website after they have been broadcasted, but if you try to watch them from abroad it will not work. The reason for this is that the programs can only be broadcasted to audience in the United States, and because… Read More »