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Watching the rugby world cup 2015 on NBC online

The Rugby World Cup will start on September 18th in 2015, and in the United States it will be Universal Sports and NBC who will broadcast from the world cup. These channels are great channels, and they are also related, as NBC own 8% of Universal Sports. However, if you want to watch these channels online you will need to have a valid cable subscription including the channels, because that… Read More »

The Blacklist on Netflix

This website is about watching from abroad, and all of the full episodes there. However, I also have another website similar to this which is located at and there I just wrote an article that might be of interest to those coming to this website. The fact is that Netflix just added The Blacklist season 1 to their catalog for US subscribers, meaning that you can watch the… Read More »

How to watch Winter Olympics in Sochi on NBC?

NBC is the sole provider of live broadcasts from the Winter Olympics in Sochi in the United States. This means that those who want to stay up to date on the action, need to watch NBC. I have written an article dedicated to those who want to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi online, and it is first of all dealing with how to watch the Winter Olympics live online… Read More »